Cracking the Code of TV Shopping

Helping you crack the code of TV shopping, from landing your product on the network to maximizing your sales performance during each on-air exposure

There is tremendous allure in having your product sold on a television shopping network. It is the most media-rich retail experience for brands and consumers that informs, entertains and creates community. The viewing audience tunes in not just to watch, but to ultimately shop. Brands are brought to life with dynamic personalities and problem-solution presentations in ways that aren’t possible in traditional stores or via one-dimensional e-commerce.

Equally alluring, the U.S. TV shopping industry of QVC, HSN, ShopHQ (formerly ShopNBC) and JTV generates over $8 billion in annual sales and caters to an active multi-generational and multi-cultural customer base of over 14 million. And then there’s the international market place. There are major shopping networks around the world – Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia and Canada – broadcasting live 24 hours a day, surprising and delighting their viewers with each program.

Indeed, tapping the highly scalable, multichannel retailing sales and distribution platform of TV shopping can be quite lucrative. But TV shopping is not brand right for everyone. There is an art and science to it that, while rooted in the fundamentals of traditional retailing, operates as its own unique sub-culture. It’s a business never sleeps. It’s an industry that measures success at the dollar per minute level like a New York minute and communicates with a lexicon that sounds like a foreign language.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we speak the language. Our contacts are real and global. We understand how to successfully navigate a brand’s product life-cycle on TV. Our proven experience stems from having been on the inside of corporate TV shopping at the executive level as well as representing brands, especially in the beauty and jewelry categories, who are seeking to leverage this powerful platform.

To be successful, it’s not about telling and selling. The act of hawking is long gone. For today’s shopping networks are sophisticated multichannel retailers focused on providing a sensational customer experience across integrated channels of TV, Internet, mobile and social media. To be successful, it’s about packaging a brand’s story the right way to appeal to the shopping network and its customer base.

At GIOPR, we provide both strategic and tactical expertise. We review your brand positioning, value proposition and creative assets to ensure it is brand right for TV shopping. We help develop your merchandise strategy and product assortment so that it’s the right mix and is problem-solution oriented. We make sure your product has the right pricing strategy to show a strong value, and offer guidance with any claims substantiation needed. We guide you on having the right guest expert to represent your brand live on the air to ensure they are credible and media savvy for TV shopping.

While these ingredients represent the fundamentals to be successful, there are countless nuances and bends in the river to navigate that are unique to each brand. Whether you’re new to TV shopping or an existing vendor, at Giombetti Public Relations we know what to do, where to turn and how to maximize your sales.

With a strategic relationship with award-winning digital marketing agency Risdall, we offer a 360 degree service model of vendor representation and creative services that can support and scale with your growth.

Vendor Sales Representation Services Include:

  • Total brand management
  • Strategic and sales planning
  • Product presentation and pitching
  • New product launch strategy
  • Product development strategy
  • Product lifecycle management
  • On-air guest sourcing and coaching
  • Liaison with TV shopping network
  • Monthly reporting on key success metrics

Choosing the right vendor representation can make the difference between sustained success or poor performance. Our results-oriented, partnership style approach is based on mutual success with a standard industry sales commission. With a proven track record of success, we are focused on driving sales and maximizing performance. Let us help take your business to the next level.