Helping entrepreneurs and start-ups create a unique brand identity, differentiated value proposition, and competitive advantage for their small business and products

The entrepreneur is often a visionary and pioneer. They have a unique skill set and perspective, along with an ambitious drive, that compels them to quite literally be the change they want to see in the world.

This takes guts, decisive leadership and risk. This kind of leader, who is daring and different, also embodies the hope that their idea will eventually be greater than themselves. However, in order for the entrepreneur’s vision to scale beyond themselves, they need to develop a brand – a belief system of sorts – that others can understand and get behind. These people are not only the financiers or bankers and the employees and suppliers, but also and ultimately the people who are going to try and buy (and hopefully keep on buying) the product or service.

At Giombetti Public Relations (GIOPR), we believe that the acorn of your entire company’s brand architecture and growth lies within a strategic brand identity – both copy and creative – that can be easily and quickly distilled, understood and executed against by your key stakeholders. The acorn of your small business brand identity lies with the entrepreneur. As the acorn of your small business brand identity grows, it will ultimately extend beyond the small business owner and become a by-product of their personal brand, which then becomes the brand identity of the products or services.

At GIOPR, we have proven expertise in developing brand identity for small business and their products, especially in the beauty and jewelry industries. We understand that sales are the ultimate goal. But we also know from experience that sales are the outcome of a flawless brand strategy and excellence in execution across all the areas of your business. Your brand and your customer experience should be so compelling that each interaction the customer has with you across all touch points is an experience that is on message, a consistent voice, and one that creates loyalty while building community.

The small business branding process we use at GIOPR is focused at first heavily on the entrepreneur. They are the leader of the belief system being created. Their vision and brand house needs to be in order first. Then the brand identity of the company and its products or services can be developed. All the while a keen focus is placed on the competition to ensure there truly are a differentiated value proposition and a defensible competitive advantage.

Small Business Branding Includes:
– Personal branding and gap analysis of the entrepreneur
– Brand identity and creation for the small business, both copy and creative
– Brand identity and creation for its products or services, both copy and creative
– Competitive set analysis to ensure differentiation and competitive advantage
– Target audience creation and customer touch point prioritizing
– Development of a dynamic strategic plan and framework with 1-year, 5-year and 20-year goals complemented by strategies and initiatives
– Development of a Success Dashboard to self-monitor and review your performance while keeping the rest of your small business team in sync and on track

At a time when the majority of small businesses fail within the first few years of operations, we at GIOPR fundamentally believe that with the right brand strategy, the chances of success for your company and its products resonating with the customer are significantly enhanced. And that eventually the acorn of the entrepreneur’s vision will grow into a sturdy foundation bearing fruit that lasts a lifetime.