Helping you tell the story you want told while positioning your brand as a catalyst for conversation and increased sales

To think that public relations is largely about communicating with the press and landing media coverage is short sighted. PR has become so multifaceted that the real bang for your PR buck comes from treating your customer base like they are the press.

The reality is that your customers have evolved to a point where their opinion matters just as much if not more than the media. A customer’s voice is just as loud and credible as the press. But it’s not an either or. It’s a parallel path. And both offer advantages and drawbacks that are critical when navigating your PR outreach.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we are experts in the field of public relations (business and consumer) and have over 15 years of experience in this practice area. From leveraging TV to print, blogs to product placement, we take a strategic approach to PR and make sure that all efforts are results-oriented. Meaning, we only are compensated if we land media coverage when conducting media outreach to the press.

Moreover, all our PR efforts tie back to your company’s strategic business objectives. Traditionally, this deals with soft goals of brand awareness, credibility and thought leadership authority.  However, there need to be “hard” objectives.

At GIOPR, we layer on harder — or more tangible sales metrics (whether in-store or online) — and tie public relations strategies and initiatives to new customer acquisition, increased customer purchase frequency and retention, and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Of course social media PR and engagement is part of the equation, and it could be argued that this emerging PR platform is becoming even more important. Our approach to social media PR is directed by an active flow of posts (even product launches) and responses that drive engagement and sales as well as creating customer evangelists and brand ambassadors. Social media is also an effective way to engage and deal with the press, including issuing statements or responding to inquiries.

Our Pay-for-Results Services Model Includes:

Strategic —
– Creation of flexible, results-oriented PR and social media communications plan
– Creation of brand identity communications and key messaging map
– Creation of media outreach pipeline and calendar of outreach events and initiatives
– Creation of time/action calendar of communication initiatives
– Strategic PR and communications counsel and issues management

Tactical —
– Coordination of communications activities
– Act as liaison and field media inquiries
– Engage in media outreach to local, trade, and national press across all mediums
– Secure coverage and facilitate media briefings and interviews
– Secure speaking engagements
– Create messaging for media kit
– Draft PRs, media alerts, Q&As
– Bi-weekly reporting
– Manage and coordinate social media with PR initiatives

At Giombetti Public Relations, we strongly believe that PR, when combined with social media, and still yet combined with targeting both press and customers, is the most powerful and effective means to drive the conversation about your brand as well generate sales.