Helping brand a new concept or rebrand an existing product while ensuring the wow factor is evident at every customer experience

Above all else, the fate of a company’s sales lies in the quality, value and convenience of its products or services. If you notice that your customer base is largely becoming one-time customers or if repeat purchase frequency is starting to trend down, your customer is telling you something by voting with their wallet. It’s time to take a longer, harder look at your product’s brand positioning and value proposition.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we are wildly passionate about branding products and services and driving sales. The brand identity elements of a successful product – such as a credible brand promise, substantiated tangible and intangible wow factors, and a differentiated look – should all be neatly organized into your brand architecture. From here, these elements should be understood and carried out by all the teams in your company and distribution channels while being consistently displayed across all touch points with which your customer engages. Unfortunately, more often it is not the case.

Reasons vary and range from product developers or brand managers being spread too thin, to a lack of company resources or know-how of what to do or where to turn when finger-pointing occurs. Or separately, in cases where new products are being created by a founder and introduced to the marketplace, the entrepreneur or management may not have a simple yet effective framework to create and manage or even extend the brand identity of its products and services. In either case, GIOPR can help.

Giombetti Public Relations has proven experience in branding consumer and business products, especially in the beauty and jewelry categories. We have a comprehensive understanding of all facets of product branding, which includes a practical framework that addresses naming, wow brand positioning, target audience, competitive gap analysis, top purchase factors, and creative identity, to mention a few.

Other top considerations when thinking about rebranding or launching a new product lie not just in a product’s sales performance. At GIOPR, we take a deep dive beyond the merchandising strategy and look at each customer touch point while sifting through all the customer purchase history. This approach is root cause solution strategy, and it yields powerful insights and results.

Product Branding Services Includes:
– Product or service brand assessment and gap analysis
– Rebrand or refine of product’s brand identity, both copy and creative
– Competitive set analysis to ensure differentiation and competitive advantage
– Target audience refinement and customer touch point prioritizing
– Development of a dynamic rebranding plan and framework along with a detailed timeline by strategies and initiatives
– Development of a Success Dashboard to monitor and review the transition to the new brand identity while keeping the rest of the team in sync and on track

At Giombetti Public Relations, the decision to rebrand, refine the brand or launch a new brand or concept is a natural, common theme of business life. Ensuring that your product isn’t another scoop of ordinary is how we can help. Differentiation is key. And we ultimately believe that the best barometer of future success is whether your product’s competitive advantage is growing or shrinking in the marketplace.