Helping you get branded in order to maximize your salary, reputation and purpose as a professional

The concept of personal branding may seem en vogue. Its origins, however, date back the late 1990s when the father of self-help and management, Peter Drucker, who also coined the term “knowledge worker,” wrote an article entitled “Me, Inc.” The title speaks for itself.

Treating your own professional self as a company, as a brand, is what Drucker is ultimately getting at. And branding yourself as a professional – inside a corporate environment as opposed to starting your own business, which is a different branding process altogether – presents a unique challenge.

However, with more tools and pathways available today to promote yourself, the promise of creating and developing your own personal brand has become an expectation of your professional self-development that cannot be ignored.

In fact, “What is your personal brand?” is more and more being routinely asked by senior leadership in the halls of Corporate America.

The reason they ask? To better understand how to maximize your performance and align your goals with those of the company you are hired to work for. The ideal outcome is that your passions, core functional skills and your subject matter expertise is your sweet spot, and that you are able and empowered to execute on those core competencies with excellence over a sustained period of time. That’s how you are able to achieve professional enlightenment. That’s how the company you work for maximizes its ROI on you.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we believe that the process of personal branding is no different than the time-tested methods used to brand a company, its corporate identity and products; an organization, its vision and brand promise; or high-profile personalities, such as musicians or TV celebrities. More obvious the example are designers of fashion or beauty products. These people have become products in and of themselves, and as a result, have been branded by those who profit off them.

So why aren’t you taking a similar approach branding yourself? The company you work for is trying to maximize your performance. You want to maximize yours…your annual salary, reputation and legacy. It’s a natural evolution of things, which, along with new ways to communicate, is well within your reach. And should be a daily top priority for you.

To be a brand isn’t complicated either. Being branded simply means standing for something. It means representing a belief system. And that the products and services associated with that belief system – or the things that you do, the problems that you solve – are tangible ways to partake and in fact own a slice of a particular brand’s beliefs. Which should be the same as yours.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we offer an intensive, 4-month personal branding program. At the end the process, you’ll have a comprehensive professional brand and creative identity with tremendous insight into your competitive advantage. You’ll also have a strategic road map and support structure to keep you accountable and at the same time fan your flames for continued success.

Your Personal Branding Program Includes:

Level I – Assessment & Discovery: Getting to Know Your Professional Brand

Level II – Brand Identity Compilation & Creation: A Dynamic Vision and Framework for Capturing Your Professional Brand Essence

Level III – Brand Gap Analysis & Development of Strategies, Initiatives and Execution Timeline: Being Brutally Honest About Your Gaps and Creating a Strategic Road Map for a Branded You

Level V – Brand Monitoring and Review: Keeping Score on Your Progress and Holding You Accountable to Yourself with a Positive Support Structure

Personal branding is not for the faint of heart. It’s a deep look into your own professional abyss with brutal honesty. But through the process, you will feel renewed. You will be set freer with greater clarity and professional purpose.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we can also help you raise your profile so that you can further maximize your annual salary, reputation and legacy. We will endeavor to make you a known quantity to those who matter most to you. After all, it’s not who you know, but who knows you.