Financial Communications

Helping communicate quarterly results succinctly and with precision while raising your profile with the investor community and keeping you in compliance with the SEC

Reporting quarterly results and communicating with Wall Street requires flawless execution. It’s one of the only forms of communications where even the slightest mistake can have dire outcomes, which may take years to recover.

More often the case are uncertainties in your business and industry that place tremendous strain on achieving excellence this process. Getting your story told and understood by the investor community — a target audience who truly is your customer — is only half the battle. Keeping your investor base engaged and managing their expectations relative to your investor relations objectives and company growth plans is the other half. And you have to balance it all while keeping in compliance with the SEC.

At Giombetti Public Relations, we have a passion for investor relations and have been performing financial communications for over a decade to small cap companies. We have a strategic relationship with Catalyst Global Investor Relations,  who is based in New York City. Together, we provide proven experience and expertise in the art and science of investor relations that includes in-person staff during reporting periods with boots on the ground presence with Wall Street.

We recognize that effective investor relations and financial communications requires a collaborative team approach with company management. We can provide strategic counsel   and tactical execution on all facets of your investor relations program. This includes but is not limited to:

– Develop a year-long investor relations strategy with clear objectives
– Review of all your investor touch points to ensure consistent messaging
– Development of a company narrative and positioning for your investor community
– Drafting all quarterly financial communications, including the earnings release, transcript, Q&A
– Scheduling of earnings conference calls with facilitation of mock Q&A sessions in advance of the live call
– Detailed time and action planning in advance
– Scheduling analyst and investor inquiries post earnings calls and in between reporting periods
– Securing investor conferences
– Creating compelling yet succinct investor presentations
– Filter investor inquiries and financial press
–  Conduct investor surveys and feedback to improve messaging and process
– Expert counsel on investor crisis and issues management

By retaining Giombetti Public Relations for your investor relations needs, you will also ensure continuity. We take great pride in our high client retention rates and satisfaction levels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your processes and outcomes  so that management can focus on running their business, delivering long-term sustained growth and shareholder value.