Helping companies drive e-commerce sales, grow and nurture customers, and be a trusted online destination of choice

Quality. Value. Convenience. With so many places to shop, marketers trying to be heard, and consumers tuned out, it all comes down to a simple promise: Your product or service has to do what it promises. If it does, the customer will return without you having to try so hard.

Product quality is the first rule of digital sales and marketing (or any marketing for that matter). Without it, you’re milquetoast. What follows – the second and third rules for effective digital marketing – is value and convenience. All together, these three rules must be baked into wonderful ideas and innovate ways when building the customer relationship and promoting your lifestyle brand.

Don’t break your promise to the customer. Seems simple enough because it is. Where it gets difficult is when a company doesn’t operate with a strategic digital marketing plan or doesn’t know how to frame a return on investment. This leaves management reacting tactically, consumed with the needs of the day and its priorities. Or perhaps it’s a matter of being unsure how to drive eyeballs and develop an integrated merchandising, promotions, and pricing strategy to sync with PR and social media efforts.
Sometimes the issue is more basic: an inexperienced team, unstable freelancers, no blogging or compelling content that sparks conversations among customers, email overkill, a lack stimulating visuals and videos, poor photography, call to actions that are hard to find or not evident, or simply not optimizing web copy for search engines so that your product is part of the shopping consideration.

No matter the situation, Giombetti Public Relations has proven experience in driving digital marketing and conversation (not communication) initiatives that are focused on customer acquisition, increased purchase frequency, and customer retention. This proven approach, anchored by product quality and a sensational customer experience, leads to the most fruitful of outcomes.

At GIOPR, we take a strategic approach versus deploying a whole host of inappropriate digital marketing tactics. Depending on a number of business considerations, such as the size, state, and resources of your company, we help prioritize what needs to be done. We focus on digital marketing initiatives that will have the greatest impact on your business today while laying a foundation for future growth – all the while creating a framework and template processes that can be executed with greater efficiency.

Moreover, at Giombetti Public Relations, we ensure a continued laser focus on executing the fundamentals of digital marketing by creating a success dashboard of key performance indicators, which help monitor campaign effectiveness and keep teams accountable and in sync.

Digital Marketing Services Include:
– Review of brand identity, digital marketing plan and Internet presence
– Development of strategic digital marketing plan
– Development of coordinated merchandising and promotional strategy
– Optimize e-commerce site and social sites
– Media outreach to blogger, trade and consumer press as well as speaking conferences
– Social media co-authoring and management
– SEO of website and management
– Email marketing and management
– Product sampling outreach and management
– Blog co-authoring and management
– Development of key performance metrics success dashboard

Digital marketing is a continuous journey with your brand and the customer. It’s an engage-anytime-anywhere environment today. As we strive to toward building customer relationships and community, it’s important that what you communicate and how are catalysts for conversations. By taking a holistic digital marketing approach focused on building your customer file and mining your customer base properly, you’ll ensure that each interaction is meaningful and timely, not a bunch of white noise or a waste of their time.