Helping larger organizations refine or rebrand their corporate identity while ensuring a seamless transition across all customer touch points for all stakeholders

There comes a time in a company’s journey where rebranding makes strategic sense. The brand may have become stale, no longer resonating with the customer. The brand may have lost its way, its identity, losing sight of what it stands for, its roots and its singular message. The situation might be a merger of two companies and thus the opportunity to rename presents an opportunity to rebrand and present the company in a brand new light.

Regardless of the situation, whether it’s forced or a strategic decision, the act of rebranding or refining a corporate brand is a delicate, intense one. It’s a long process with multiple internal and external inputs. And it’s fair to say the creation of the new brand – its words, voice and creative – is only the tip of the iceberg of the rebranding process.

Not only should a new corporate brand identity be developed internally by a small team who live and breathe the business, but the process should also consider a broader group of high performers in the company. Eventually the process should involve a validation and feedback from outside opinion leaders – especially your top customers or clients. While this may sound like common sense, more often the case it doesn’t happen.

For as much as management tries to stay close to the customer, it’s a struggle. They have a job to do, and sometimes can’t afford to give the kind of undivided attention the customer seeks. Or, it’s simply a Corporate America issue of not wanting to rock the boat. So there’s nothing like having brutally honest, non-political feedback about which direction the company wants to go.

Giombetti Public Relations is passionate and non-political about corporate branding. We believe that the insight gained from a fresh set of eyes along with our dynamic branding framework will immeasurably help you understand how your company and its products or service got off track. What it needs to do to right the trajectory as well as sage advice on how not repeat past mistakes while re-energizing your customer base.

Listening to the choir and taking action on their feedback is certainly part of a rebranding or refining process. The implementation and execution, however simple it may seem, cannot be understated and is a critical juncture to either win or fail. At GIOPR, we have proven experience in refining a corporate brand identity as well as executing a full rebrand.

Corporate Branding Services Include:
– Corporate brand and gap analysis relative to CEO’s vision
– Rebrand or refinement of company’s brand identity, both copy and creative
– Rebrand or refinement of company’s products or services, both copy and creative
– Competitive set analysis to ensure differentiation and competitive advantage
– Target audience refinement and customer touch point prioritizing
– Development of a dynamic rebranding plan and framework along with a detailed timeline by strategies and initiatives
– Development of a Success Dashboard to monitor and review the transition to the new corporate brand identity while keeping the rest of the team in sync and on track

Littered in the annals of brand history are countless failures by companies who entertained a rebrand of their company or a refinement of their existing brand. At Giombetti Public Relations, we fundamentally believe that with the right brand strategy, the chances of success for your company and its products continuing to resonate with the customer are significantly enhanced. And that the natural evolution in your company’s journey will be viewed as a historic milestone that is embraced and rejoiced for the next quarter century.