Be Something Greater & More Permanent Than Oneself

We are living in an era where bottom line focus on maximizing profit is not enough to achieve long-term sustained growth, to stay close to the customer or to maintain one’s competitive advantage.

Equally important is to focus on espousing a belief system, set of ideals or cause that is larger than pure financial gain. Something that as Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi professes makes people at organizations lead a life that is “truly excellent” because they “belong to something greater and more permanent than oneself.” That’s purpose maximizing.

It is our belief at Giombetti Public Relations that this new-world workplace philosophy is not only becoming more common place and sought after by millennials and plurals, but it is also being viewed as a new work culture paradigm that is proving to increase overall employee performance and satisfaction, which is yielding greater financial contribution over a sustained period at a holistic level.

At GioPR, we believe in the power and effectiveness of having intrinsic goals in addition to profit goals as part of one’s marketing and communications. To better mobilize a workforce, stand for something larger than the entity itself. To better mobilize a customer base, develop your brand into something that supersedes the utility function of its products and services. And to better mobilize the media, opinion leaders and influencers surrounding your brand, have a story and a message that is tied to the greater good of the problems your brand is solving.

This is how one maximizes the purpose, profit, engagement and conversation associated with your brand. And using the function of public relations to attract, connect and effect with your target audiences can be quite the powerful catalyst when it’s all said and done.